Real estate is hyper local and hyper time sensitive. April can be a totally different climate for home buyers and sellers than October or July. 

For example, looking at this year in Los Angeles County, the median number of days to sell a single family home was 21 days in January (3 weeks). That’s down to 13 days in March 2024 and 12 days in April. Homes are selling more quickly and this trend is mirrored in Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.*

The median sales price has been trending up since the start of the year in Los Angeles County, from $900,000 in January 2024 to $988,939 in April 14 so far. February and March both ended with a median sales price of $950,000*.

In fact, I’ve heard from several other real estate agents in the office that when they were writing up offers from buyers, they were competing and the list price was being bid up. If you have a distressed property or a home with a lot of deferred maintenance, this is a great time to sell because inventory is so low and almost all homes are in high demand. 

What is happening today in real estate matters when you go to list your home or start the home buying search. For many sellers, the list of things they think they have to do before selling is overwhelming: decluttering, painting, hauling away the stuff in the garage, tidying up the yard, and catching up on some household projects.

Before you start any or all of those projects, please give me a call. Many times, that list of things to do is more optional and less required. 

Time, energy, and money are the big 3 for all of my clients. How much time do they have to invest, how much energy and effort away from other priorities, and how much money is it going to take and how much money will they make. 

TIME: As your REALTOR, your timeline is my timeline. If you need 2 more months before putting your home on the market, I will walk with you until the For Sale Sign is in the yard.

ENERGY: Energy is one of the ways I can help my clients the most. I manage the complex emotional interactions between siblings when a property is inherited, and act as a liaison between all the involved parties. 

MONEY: “I don’t want to leave money on the table” is a common thing for a home seller to say. I don’t want you to either! I have a fiduciary duty to my sellers and I want you to walk away with the most money possible with the best possible terms. 

Feeling like you could use some help with the time, energy, and money you are seeing on the horizon? Reach out to me today and we can talk through scenarios that can best help you! 


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