Most people don’t decide to up and move on a whim! The time, money, and energy involved mean that you have to be motivated. The good news is that your Real Estate Agent (me) guides you through the whole process. 

Here are 7 Home Selling Myths that we are busting! 

1. You have to do Repairs

Some cities require pre-sale inspections, but in general, repairs are not required by law. Carbon monoxide devices, smoke alarms, and water heater bracing are required. Repairs are a point of negotiation. Lenders could have requirements.

2. Price High to Get More Money
Selling a house is not the same as selling a car. You aren’t asking for “Or Best Offer” (OBO). Pricing at market or right below market value gets the most interest, more offers, and puts you in a position of strength to counter for the “highest and best offer”.

3. Spring & Summer are the Best Time to List
The pandemic changed the traditional seasonality of listing. The best time to list is when you need to move. The best time to list is when there are fewer homes on the market.

4. All Real Estate Agents Do the Same Thing
Not all real estate agents are the same. At KALEO, we have a high level of communication and 5 star experience as our standard. We list homes with professional photos, drone video, 3D virtual tours, and a comprehensive marketing package.  We can host open houses, broker’s open houses, or private showings depending on your needs.

5. You should never accept the 1st Offer

The first offer could be your only offer and your best! Some properties only get 1 offer on the home because it is very unique. If you want to hold out for more offers, you always can, but it also means your days on market are increasing. 

6. Remodeling has a Return On Investment (ROI)

Many homeowners believe that if they remodel a bathroom and spend $50,000 that they will make that money back when they go to sell. Not all remodels have a one-to-one relationship with increased value.

7. Living Trusts Complicate Deals

Many homeowners hold title to their property in a living trust, for example: the Garcia Family Trust. This doesn’t mean selling is more complicated for you when you choose a team like KALEO! We have experience selling homes that are held in living trusts. We have done probates and properties where there is a successor trustee because the original trustee has passed away. 

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