Who loves renovating their home? The stress of contractors, coordinating workers around your schedule, making decisions on tile, wood flooring, and color schemes: home renovations can be overwhelming. The motivation to renovate comes from those bright and shiny new countertops, clean backsplash, and upgraded features. 

Since the start of the year, home renovations have increased 25% and over half of US homeowners have made substantial improvements, according to national polls.

What part of the home is under renovation
– 36% are renovating a room/basement/attic
– 12% are adding a new room
– 17% are adding a pool/hot tub

Something I’ve noticed with some of the clients I’ve worked with is that they start out wanting to renovate. But after reaching out to several contractors and getting quotes, they decide to sell and purchase a home that already has their desired upgrades. 

These types of renovations are not simply slapping a fresh coat of paint on a wall or swapping out hardware on kitchen cabinets. Structural changes to a home’s floor plan, adding square footage, blowing out walls, and ripping out old bathrooms come with its own set of challenges (whether you are DIY-ing it or hiring out).

Fortunately, my clients have a unique resource available to them when they’re house hunting. Through my business partnership with Interior Designer Rosie Laguna, my clients get help seeing the bigger design picture in a walk-through. After all, realizing the potential in a home is a lot easier with a professional by your side. We offer our clients a free consultation, no strings-attached, no hidden invoice.

Have you ever bought a fixer upper and then renovated it? What is your best advice when it comes to upgrading your home? I would love to hear it! 





P.S. If you are curious about whether your home has changed in value in the past few months, send me your address and I will run a report so that you can know how much equity you have in the home.