August can feel like the middle of summer or the end of summer depending on whether the schools near you start in mid-August. 

It is the perfect month for backyard projects, yard sales, clearing out old camping & pool supplies, and prepping for “back to school”. 

Something I’ve discussed with clients is that it is easy to underestimate the amount of time it takes to clear through your belongings before moving.

Some people set aside an entire weekend to purge the house, box up everything, and get it “For Sale” ready.

Here are some of my tips for packing up your home:

1. Don’t Pack Junk – If you think you might donate it after you move in, then why are you packing it with you? Set aside old things or donations and drop by your local Goodwill or Thrift Shop. Otherwise, have a yard sale and see what you can sell. 

2. Set a Timer – If you are a procrastinator, then set a timer and start early. Do 30 minutes of packing per day instead of leaving it for a whole weekend

3. Use Plastic Tubs or Cardboard Boxes – If you have ever moved by throwing everything in trash bags or odd shaped boxes, then you know how inefficient and frustrating it can be. Pack everything in plastic tubs or swing by Home Depot for moving boxes

4. Label and Take Pictures – Label all the boxes and take pictures of what is in each box. When you are moving in, then you know what to unpack first! Need the kitchen pans? Find the right box! 

5. Hire a Professional –  If you do not have the time to pack up your own home, then spend the money and hire a professional moving company. They can be pricey, but if skipping the hassle is worth it, then go for it! 

What are your best tips for moving? 

One final tip is to order take-out or pizza on the day you move in! Nothing like an easy dinner after a long day of moving in. 

If you are looking to sell or buy in the next few months, then call me today! I like to start planning early with my clients to get a jumpstart on what needs to get done.